Nobody can tell you what the “right” design is for your thing.

But we CAN find out together.

If that sounds like your bag, you’re in the right place.

Here, we have conversations about topics like:

  • evidence-based design

  • design research methods and strategies

  • post-A/B test experimentation for a complex adaptive world

  • Wardley mapping and other sensemaking tools

  • and generally looking for where we’re interestingly — and profitably — wrong.

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2 decades of experience in scientific, user-centric digital design have taught me two things:

  1. effective designs change behaviour

  2. nobody can reliably predict which designs are going to be effective

When you have complex humans interacting with complex digital products, you get a fiesta of unpredictable, non-linear effects.

Opinions — even expert ones — will only get you so far.

The good news is that finding a better design is possible with the right tools and an explorer's approach.

If you're intrepid enough to throw your cherished assumptions into the crucible, I'd like to talk with you.

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