[PT] Scaffolding for momentum and confidence

A major shift for Pivot Triggers: less killing, more building. Plus an invitation to join me for cohort #2 of the Small Group Course.

Over the past couple of months, two things collided:

Thing 1: we wrapped up Small Group Course Cohort 1

For the first time, I shared Pivot Triggers in depth outside of a company I was working at.

The final session was last Thursday. I’m so grateful to the intrepid pioneers who joined me for the pilot. Your input and feedback helped me to clarify the methodology, make new connections and uncover new possibilities. ♥️

“The aha moment was seeing how this method could be usefully applied to various situations and goals you want to achieve.” – KP

Thing 2: an off-hand comment from a CEO

While we were discussing his company strategy, challenges and obstacles, a CEO said, “all I want is for my teams to have momentum and confidence.”

I’m so grateful to him for this because when I heard those words, something clicked and my brain ‘sploded. 🤯

When I used Pivot Triggers to get the Small Group Course going, I realised I wasn’t killing BS, I was gathering signals that helped me build momentum and confidence in my initiative.

This CEO didn’t know it at the time, but he’d come up with a positive, empowering metaphor.

❌ Killing BS & Zombies ❌ → ✅ Building Momentum & Confidence ✅

So far, I’ve been selling Pivot Triggers as a way to kill zombie initiatives. While that metaphor played a big part in its genesis, it only plays a small part in what it means for teams and individuals. “Killing” is a negative framing.

So far, I’ve been selling Pivot Triggers as IF BS STOP. That’s a fun acronym and certainly landed well with some people. But the letters no longer match up with the steps in the workshops, which are now simpler, clearer and faster … now with a canvas! More importantly, it doesn’t match up with the spirit of Pivot Triggers. “BS” is a negative framing.

At its heart, Pivot Triggers isn’t about killing your ideas or calling them BS. (Although there are ideas that need killing.) It’s not (only) about the negative.

At its heart, Pivot Triggers is scaffolding for building momentum and confidence. It’s a lightweight structure that helps teams quickly focus on the signals they most need for momentum and confidence … and then go and get them. It’s positive.

Another way of thinking about this is to do with alignment. I’ve come across so many product and project teams that are struggling to get aligned. The key to unlocking this struggle is to realise that alignment isn’t a cause of progress. It’s a consequence.

I’ll be sharing more about these ideas over the coming months.

For now, I’d love to hear what you make of this shift – good, bad, confusing, dumb? Hit reply and tell me!

Finally, I’m inviting you to grab early-bird access for the next Small Group Course cohort …

Small Group Course Cohort #2 – Spring ‘22

I’m already preparing for the second Small Group Course cohort in February/March – all about building momentum and confidence for teams and individuals.

Places will be limited and the price will be going up.

So if you’d like to get early-bird access AND lock in the early-bird price (£195) …

Fill this out to get early-bird access

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