I'd love to know what you make of this draft article

I've been sitting for too long on this idea about Pivot Switches for Loopishness ...


Even though I bang on all the time about starting with a shitty first draft, I sometimes forget. Even though I know it’s the only way.

I realised I’ve kept an idea under wraps for too long when I should have been testing it, so I'm sharing it with you today. It’s about a new-ish type of intervention — I’m calling it Pivot Switches — that I've been using with teams at work recently to increase their loopishness.

I'm finding the idea of Pivot Switches exciting, because it seems to be a way to have teams work on both discovery and delivery at the same time.

Who’s it for?

If you’re frustrated by never having time to do discovery work because you’re busy delivering to a plan or roadmap, then it might be for you. It’s a sort of Trojan Horse method that sneaks in the discovery, and helps you discard the wrong ideas sooner without upsetting the roadmappers.

If that sounds interesting, I'd love it if you’d read the draft and leave me some feedback … I know the article isn’t working yet, and I’d like to run a loop to see how it's not working for you.

So what works? What’s boring? What’s confusing? What’s missing? What have I got right? What have I got wrong?

Here’s the link