Introducing a simple intervention that helps you dodge sunk cost bias as you escape from zombie initiatives
A graph that popped into my head when I couldn't sleep one night
Detective Socrates shares his method for digging out underlying problems
Plus updates: 3 workshops become 2, "experiments" become "probes", and the "OP" bit now gives you a plan.
No matter how much you want to, you can't get actionable insights *directly* from data. You need to apply knowledge.
A conversation with Dave Snowden about SenseMaker and new practices for design in an increasingly complex world
Plus Q&A and cheat sheet news
A council shares their plans to build a new block of flats in an estate. They ask the residents what they think. The residents say, "we don't want a new…
A fast and easy workshop format to gather diverse perspectives and pull an actionable plan out of an ambiguous opportunity
Loads of people talk about doing user research one day. They moan about never having the time or the space to do it. As if there will come some magical…
The ditch-or-double-down question, and a duck-based flight of fancy
Now is the best time yet to start learning and using Pivot Triggers. If think you might be interested, register by this Tuesday (15th March). It won’t…