A major shift for Pivot Triggers: less killing, more building. Plus an invitation to join me for cohort #2 of the Small Group Course.
No matter how much you want to, you can't get actionable insights *directly* from data. You need to apply knowledge.
A fast and easy workshop format to gather diverse perspectives and pull an actionable plan out of an ambiguous opportunity
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Plus updates: 3 workshops become 2, "experiments" become "probes", and the "OP" bit now gives you a plan.
Plus Q&A and cheat sheet news
Can you join us to talk Pivot Triggers at a virtual meetup this evening?
A conversation with Dave Snowden about SenseMaker and new practices for design in an increasingly complex world
A graph that popped into my head when I couldn't sleep one night
Introducing a simple intervention that helps you dodge sunk cost bias as you escape from zombie initiatives
I've been sitting for too long on this idea about Pivot Switches for Loopishness ...
A council shares their plans to build a new block of flats in an estate. They ask the residents what they think. The residents say, "we don't want a new…