Notes from a recent strategy workshop, sharing an emerging complex facilitation method that uses metaphor to break habitual patterns and empower teams…

January 2023

Quick one today! Following the success of the first two cohorts of Innovate Confidently with Pivot Triggers, I’m running it again, starting Tuesday 31st…
Have new ideas for ways to take action by telling new stories about what's going on.

December 2022

Christmas Special

November 2022

Strategy heavyweight JP Castlin interviewed me last week

October 2022

A live, action-packed 2-week cohort-based course for product managers, designers and researchers

July 2022

My most valuable and worst-hidden technique for writers, designers and makers of all stripes.

March 2022

The Time Machine exercise uncovers hidden fears and helps us choose to take action differently.
Now is the best time yet to start learning and using Pivot Triggers. If think you might be interested, register by this Tuesday (15th March). It won’t…

November 2021

A major shift for Pivot Triggers: less killing, more building. Plus an invitation to join me for cohort #2 of the Small Group Course.
No matter how much you want to, you can't get actionable insights *directly* from data. You need to apply knowledge.

October 2021

A fast and easy workshop format to gather diverse perspectives and pull an actionable plan out of an ambiguous opportunity